A mariachi band for Europe

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A mariachi in Barcelona for Europe


mariachi band for Europe

mariachi band for Europe

The tradition of mariachi is recognized all over the world for its sounds and colors. In every corner of the world the joy of mariachi is greatly appreciated and full of joy that listening to the public.

Mariachi Tequila is a mariachi band for Europe, for our musical experience in various events in which we participated by many countries of the European Union. Mariachi songs are recognized in all countries and the figure of mariachi musician is remarkable for the elegance of their costumes.

From the world music festival in Portugal, to the cry of independence in Algeria, mariachis in Europe continue to delight audiences regardless of language.


Mariachi tequila en Argelia

Mariachi tequila en Argelia


Mariachi Tequila has been invited to important musical celebrations throughout Europe, and has left up to Mexico and part of their culture. Today we want to show the world that mariachi music is now synonymous with Mexico and that the tradition of mariachi live long.

We continue to reach many more countries with mariachi music in Europe. Mariachi Tequila continue showing the world the tradition and mariachi music.




A short history of mariachi

The mariachi originated in the southern part of the state of Jalisco sometime in the 19th century. No one is sure where the name comes from although a variety of theories have been postulated and, depending on which best fits the postulators needs, are adhered to.

The original theory held that mariachi was derived from the French word for wedding -mariage, because of the type of music played at these events. The only problem with this theory is that the music originates in a part of Mexico the French never visited and, even it they had, it began before their arrival in 1864.
Another theory states that the word comes from the indigenous name of the Pilla or Cirimo tree, whose wood is used to make guitars. If this were true then the word mariachi would be applied to the instrument itself and not to those who play it.
It has also been suggested that the name comes from a festival in honor of a virgin known as Maria H. (mah-ree-ah AH-chay) at which musicians played and that over time they were given this name.


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